Software Crisis

Software Crisis

Software Crisis

Software Crisis is the term used in the early day of Computing science for the difficulty of writing useful, economical & efficient computer programs in a required time, the Software Crisis relay due to rapid increases in computer power and complexity of issues that could be sort-out with the increases in the complexity of Software, software problems may arise because existing Methodology work neither ample nor up to mark.

  • The term software crisis was coined by some attendant at first NATO’ Software Engineering Conference in 1960 at Germany
  • The Major Cause of its Software Crisis is that the machine has become several orders of magnitude more powerful and efficient to put its quality as long as they were no machine programming. There was no problem at all, we tend to have a weak Computer programming become an enormous problem and now we have gigantic Computer programming.

The Causes of software crisis were lint to the overall complexity of Hardware & Software development process, the Crisis manifested itself in several ways-

  • project Running over Budget
  • project Running over time.
  • The software was very inefficient
  • The software was of low quality
  • Software often did not meet the requirement
  • the project was unmanageable and code difficult to maintain.
  • The software was never delivered on time

I hope this post helps you to understand the Software Crisis and causes of software crisis.

Keep learning 🙂

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